Hot Tub Therapy

Tranquility, relaxation, and healing are just a few of the benefits you get from a hot tub. At HOT STUDIO 69, we offer a full range of therapeutic and relaxing TOUCHES, so you can unwind from the week and feel refreshed and invigorated. There is no better way to treat yourself.


Our private individual room rates, start at just $120. There is no need to worry about security, Our security system monitors the parking lot., so you can see your car from inside our building. Our rooms are cozy and comfy, with air conditioning, You will feel awesome. 


If you choose to watch a little tv, we have the new technology. EURO MAGIC BOX, which gives you over 10, 000 movies, news, weather, and sporting events. It includes all the ratings from A to X. Pause Fast-Foward, Rewind, & Play. Grab the remote control and enjoy.


We have interviewed, and pre-screened some INDEPENDENT PHOTO MODELS, which have been allowed to be at our STUDIO. Although they do not work for our company, we have intrusted them to follow our rules, and they just might help you enjoy your visit a little more !

Special Offers

For our loyal paying customers, who visit our studio 4 times in one calander month, we offer them their 6th visit FREE. We are always encouraging our customers to return often, and also tell their friends, so referals are also rewarded. Thanks in advance, and SEE YOU SOON